Monday, January 30, 2012

Vince Carter Dunks Over A Man & So Did Bron!

The Pros: That was nice! was the 1st words that came out my mouth when i was watching it live, What makes this dunk so special is... not to many people can dunk.... let alone jump over a toddler. It was a very sexy lob catch... to jump over 5'11 John Lucas III

The Con: Bron Bron has had better dunks... two quick ones Dunking on Kevin Garrnet! & Have of the Detroit Pistons & lets not forget Bron is all of 6'8'' on a bad day, 8 Lucas is 5'11'' with shoes on

The V.C. Factor! Vince Carter 6'6'' Jumped over a man talker then him... a 7 footer.. No lob! just looked him straight in the eyes & said you know what... I'm gonna jump over you!

                                             smh.... that what I do ever time I look @ this pic.... smh!

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