Thursday, January 5, 2012

Not 1... Not 2... well lets talk about this 1st one 1st

The Miami Heat are looking good this years & need I remind you this is only there second year together, & if Dwade & Bron Bron have anything to do with it there only gonna get better. There weakest team was believe it or not last year & picking up rookie Norris Cole & Shane Battier might of just boosted there overall rating 2 to 3 points.

With Erik Spoelstra pulling pages out of Phil Jackson's, Greg Popovich, & Doc River play books & the you sit out you got a bruised pinky toe (wink wink) move, It looks like with the extra long off season he had time to fix some of the broken pieces. But with Wade, Bron & oh yeah Bosh this shouldn't be hard to do, every body just needs to know this roles. if i wrote the movie to the Heat in Miami the cast a go something like this: Dwade as Jordon, Lebron as Pippen, Bosh as Kukoc, Cole as Kerr & Battier as Robman & not to leave out the bench.

There are a few issue with this team which shouldn't be hard to answer.
                                                     The Good
One who gets the ball 12 secs left on the clock: Wade As Jordan to answer that question, before Bron got there who was hitting all the game winners who won a championship.

Two what kinda offense should be ran: with 6'8" 6'9" Bron Bron having the same skills as the great magic Johnson, you tell him to watch some old tape on the showtime Lakers! before you can say "man down court" magic already had added a assist or two points to his stat line.

                                                         The Bad
Three how do they beat the zone teams are starting to run on them: this is where Kukco i mean bosh is post to step in & get the ball in the paint. But bosh is a good shooter/pick and pop player he's gonna need to work on post moves and some impact points as Barkley would word it. Lucky he's got Haslem to help

My only problem with Bron Bron is he starting to add the flop to his game (smdh). Kobe does it, Ginobili does to, i wish they stop, that's how ref lose respect for you. Never did i see bird flop & he was a shooter! who knew when to drive, Jordon sure didn't flop and he went against the bad boys... if any thing he went harder i can go down the list but you get my drift.

Wade if not the best 2 guard of this new era of players, isn't as fast as the flash use to be, & not on the ground as much, Yet and still getting older he's gonna need to stay healthy in order to win it all cause if Bron & Bosh could do it then I don't think they would of join the heat

As Far As Losing The Finals Last Year... They are who we thought they were!