Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's been two days... (3 new york time) & I still can't get over Kobe "Jellybean" Bryant's shooting... with in the last two games he's great 12 for 46
6 for 28 in the latest (sarcastically speaking).

Now i wasn't the biggest MJ fan growing up but if you want to be the greatest your gonna have to find other ways just like mj did... Mr Bryant hasn't had a good/Kobe like game since game 7 of his last championship... and if these injury's are really affecting him then the smart thang to do is sit out and heal instead of using them as a excuse, cause @ this time all your doing is hurting the team more then helping... in the last 2 losing games turn overs you've had the last 3! biggest turn overs which are starting to make me question your basketball I.Q.... to put in plan in simple your making some dumb passes

Phil Jackson said last year that world peace (formally know as Ron Artest) runs the triangle better then Kobe... it starting to make me wonder
as far as mike brown... your only 6 games in the season... so ill give you a pass for now but I'm gone to need you to be a better coach, so far i don't really know what your doing but your in Laker town greatness don't come from let Kobe Bryant (as Delonte West would say) "puzzy foot" on defense.

Kobe's been over rated these last two to three years on defense slightly letting the offense slide by & wondering why Bynum cant stay out of foul trouble, if he played defense like he wanted to not get scored on or wanted a best defender of the year award... then maybe Bynum & Gasol wouldn't be in foul trouble by the end of the game... Jordan wanted to win @ all cost including making his self better... Kobe on the other hand... i think it mite be just to make you look good.
 now some mite say he's 32 what do you want, Jordan was 45 @ 40... you do the math
step yo game up!