Sunday, January 15, 2012

Clippers Wins The Battle @ Fort L.A.

Clippers may of won the battle but did they win the war?

Well if you count the pre-season games (2) its look they're gonna roll over the Lakers

Faster, more Athletic, more physical, Chris Paul's 33pts 6ast was better with the win over Kobe's 42pts 14-28 shooting 4ast. Cp3 was making all the right plays (shots passes & steals) @ the right time. The lakers look like they were mad they where losing & at times was making a push to come back, just couldn't get over the hill. Blake added a few more highlight to his Fly-Light Reel (is what i call it); Mat Barnes & Derrek Fisher happen to be a part of 1 of them. Closing the game out with 22pts 14reb

Clippers 38 points in the paint, 2 under the Lakers

Lakers look bigger & stronger but don't get the ball in the middle enough, When coach's say "we took to many jump shoot tonight" that's just a nice way of saying Kobe shot to much.... Lakers need a coach that isn't afraid to tell Kobe com down! give the ball to Bynum tonight... your 42 points can wait until the playoffs! the reason you have Gasol & Bynum is to take the load off of him... not for him to have a green light to out score the rest of his team mates. It not like Kobe has to go out there every night and do this; Its the same team core minus Lama, they just went to the finals 3 years in a row. Bynum 6-13 shooting 12pts 16reb. There is no reason why this young power house should not have more shoots & there is also no reason why Kobe should be shooting 28 footers over a double teams (questionable Basketball I.Q.) when you have a 7'1" center who can just drop the ball in the basket, this was a great example of how Kobe can shoot you out of a game... yeah 42 points is great but other players need to touch the ball, when theres no win, & yours the only player who had over 20 points on a all star caliber team.... shows to be a little selfish.

Lakers had 40 points in the pain, 2 more then the clips... that doesnt even sound right on paper

Clippers Vs Lakers next game is 1-25-2012