Thursday, January 19, 2012

Big Three... No More?

Danny Ainges is saying any of these "Big Three" can go! almost like a garage sell... give us your best offer &  either we'll take it or we wont. Even trying to trade Rondo Earlier in the season, it seems like some changes are going to be made. It's clear that Paul Pierce want's to be a Celtic, K.G. is on the down side of his career but still respected, & Ray Allen is still Ray Allen. If you want anybody out of these three (as a GM) your goin Ray Allen ... he strecthes the floor plays defense & like i said before is a deadly sharp shooter.... cant leave him open even if he 0-20 shooting. The question is... are all three of the original big three going to finish the season out as a Celtic?

Kobe Vs..... no Bron? no Wade?

Word has it Dwayne Wade isn't going to play & now Lebron come down with some kind of cold? so who's Kobe gonna play against... bosh?.  Eddy Curry is going to make his 1st start to night since he lost 100 pound (his last game was Nov. 2009), if that means any thang. Lebron left shoot around earlier today so he is still a game time decision. With that said is this gonna be a good game... yes because i believe Bron Bron is going to play if he doesn't you might wanna make this down a L for the Heat

Mav's can't handle L.A.

Mr. Big shot Billup's saves the day for the clippers (Wednesday night)
 Two nights before that it was D. Fish (Monday night)

Both hitting big clucth 3 pointer with in closings second of the game.both agaisnt the Dallas Mavericks, Im sure they cant wait to get out of town

L.a. Is looking great any time one of its teams hits the floor... Double the action, double the basketball, double the thrill... to bad both these teams cant play each other in the finale's :(.