Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lakers get smashed in

After getting blown out in Florida twice in two days... you have to question... does Kobe like Bynum? He sure wont pass to him. You would think Kobe would of pass the ball to Bynum to try to make Dwight Howard play defense, if fact it was the total oppisite. Bynum shot the ball 4-6 for only 10 points, but was busy being in foul trouble instead of getting the ball down low to him for him to do the same. While Kobe shot the ball 11-22 time & passed to Gasol who shot 4-12.

This is where Kobe "jellybean" Byrants basketball i.q. comes in to question, he knows he didn't beat Dwight Howard by his self  in the 09 finale's, Bynum was defending Howard well. Kobe shooting & flopping  all over the place didn't get that done, & in the 2010 finale's Kobe wasn't even there... do i need to remind you of game 7 vs Boston? But some people really do believe there is a I in team. Kobe has not played good since that game. I need people to really watch Kobe's game and dissect it, don't get caught up with the announcer and jump up & down every time you hear how great a play Kobe made, when he had a horrible turn over the pay before, shot a 30 foot 3pointer with 2 players on the play before that, flopped and got a unnecessary turn over the play before that.

I think Kobe doesn't want bynum to surpass him if he does it makes him look old, instead of being the smart player & taking the back seat and letting Bynum score 30 he rather get his 30 and make the team look bad just so he can tell the media... "i tryed"

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