Friday, January 20, 2012

Blake Vs Love... Who would you take?

Kevin Love & Blake Griffin are two of the NBA's up and coming Power Forwards & get this they both still have the poteintal to get alot better.

Blake #32 comes in this game Avg. 21.3pts 11.8reb 3ast 0.6blk a game

Love #42 comes in to this game Avg. 25.2pts 14.5reb 1.8ast 0.6blk a game

Love's got love on the numbers over Blake & the shooting touch great for a pick & pop game

Blake's got talent & a winning recored, plus blake likes to moon walk his way to a dunk great for a pick & roll game & still working on his shot.

They both got good point guard's that love to pass 1st and like to fill up the stat sheet. lets see who wins this battle for the leagues furture PF

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