Friday, January 27, 2012

Knicks Vs Heat (Battle Of Big 3s)

This should be good game.. has the potential to go down to the wire, but as good as this can get, (down to a buzzer beater) it can also get as bad (a blow out for the Knicks) because the knicks still have been playing bad.

The History: The Heat Vs The Knicks games in the 90s was a good Rivalry for the  NBA, it had fights down to the wire play & stand Jeff Van Gundy being dragged  Alonzo Mourning... so don't be surprized  if you  see a lot of hype around this game.

Celtics got some kinda Magic!

Paul Pierce 24 points
Dwight Howard 16 points
The look on Dwight's Face when your team just blow a 20 point lead?

So Ive notice that lately the C's are putting teams to sleep & knocking them out in the 4th quarter... almost has me wondering is this there new system? Don't play basket ball entill the 4th if so... it might work... i cant lie.. i feel asleep during the end of the 3rd... Thinking the magic are going to geet there pay back from getting blow out the last time they met...only to see the final Score Celtics 91, Magic 83 lol

Clippers Vs Grizz (throw back game)

Clippers bounce back & make this was a pretty good game, Blake showed a plethora of post moves to night
showering his true potential going 8-14 for 20pts.

 Chris Paul started there  night of slow but hit big shots in the closing of the game when it counted; Shooting 3-11 for 18pts last night you also have he was also pretty slow in the nights be fore game& he's just returning from a pulled hamstring