Sunday, January 22, 2012

Patriots vs Ravens (football)

Now i know this is normally a basketball site... but i had to speak on that game between New England & Baltimore.... idk who be paying these refs but... who ever it is they paying them good. There was some questionable calls in that game as if the ref were going for the Pat-riots. The non reviewed touch down call @ the under a minute mark, some non called helmet to helmet calls & some offsides calls. As a firm believer in calling a fair game & wanted to win fair the NFL needs to review there refs cause this is the 3rd time they have done that for the patriots... once against the Raiders, now twice against the Ravens. they've even gone out there way to make the Tom Brady rule "don't hit the QB below the number"... stuff like this takes away from the game & makes them lose fans...

Fix it & fix it fast!