Tuesday, January 31, 2012

NBA Power Ranks 1-31-2012

  1. The Miami Heat with that win over the bulls & D. Wade coming back, I had to get them places @ number 1... how long will they stay? (16-5)
  2. The Bull's... no Dang but still balling... i expect to see a rematch of the Eastern Conference Finales again (18-5)
  3. Thunder with the lost to the Clippers & "The Dunk" its hard to keep them @ 3 lol, but with a record like that & minus the clipper blow out... no doubt they are the best in the west (16-4)
  4. The Nuggets have been playing great since the Melo trade & with no clear all star & all around team ball... this is a team to watch for in the playoff... 04 Pistons sound familiar? (14-6)
  5. The 76ers are also like the 04 Pistons... the NBA's worst nightmare would be Nuggets Vs 76ers (15-6)
  6. The Mavs have quietly crept back up into the top... and to believe i was ready to knock them out the playoffs period (14-8)
  7. Clippers look like they really trying to do something... crazy thing is theirs still find there way & how to play with each other.... 2011 Heat? (12-6)
  8. Atl Hawks are playing good ball... but sometimes they check out metally in games... hints the 6 loses (15-6)
  9. Pacers... i still call them the sleeper of the east, if your team comes across them in the playoffs you might get your heart broke (13-6)
  10. The Jazz are road warriors... they'll come to your house and eat the food inside your frig with asking... watch um
  11. Spurs... now that Phil Jackson is retired its safe to say the best coach in the NBA is Pop... look @ the Record & team management (13-9)
  12. The Magic started the season off nice... what happen? They caught right up with the Lakers (in a bad way) some of this is due to the Dwight Howard situation (12-9)
  13. The Lakers... are one of this season's disappointments... who knows whats going on in that locker room (12-9)
  14. The Blazers started the season off hot!... a few back 2 back loses knocked them of there pedestal... lets see if they can get it back (12-9)
  15. Rockets are still trying to figure it out there self... this team doesn't have a real identity yet (12-9)
  16.  T-Wolves get a little momentum then lose it... but now with B-Eazy back lets see if they can find something to build on (10-11)
  17. Lucky the Celtics are in the east... there still some time to fix it, if they can just get over the hill on there loss column (9-10)
  18. The Grizz @ (10-10) seem to be missing something badly... oh yea Z-Bo
  19. The young Bucks beat the Lakers.. it was something to brag about for a week... but they need consistent guard play from B Jen. (9-11)
  20. Cavs player Kyrie Irving keeps proving me wrong, they might have some up look with this kid on there team (8-11)
  21.  The Knicks.... Wow... i mean really Melo, Amru'e & Chandler.... (7-13) 
  22.  The Suns... theres a few good thangs... Gortat has a up side... still think its time for a trade(7-13)
  23. Nets... Doing better then last year but still not good enough D. Will cant leave fast enough if Dwight isn't there (7-14)
  24. Warriors.... give it time... or maybe next year (6-12)
  25. Raptors gotta be missing Bosh right about now (7-14)
  26. Kings are still playing like Queens, they can get better just depends on the coaching (6-14)
  27. The Wizards moved from last to 27 under there new coach Randy Whitman there 2-2 (4-17)
  28. Hornets... Like i said last week Scolla & Odem would be nice right now (4-17)
  29. Looking back @ it... was Rodney Stucky really the move? (4-18)
  30. Bobcats... Jordan can play but can he put together a team? (3-18)
  31. SuperSonics.... Bring um Back! (0-0)

Blake F#*^ing Griffin!

Wow... i mean really?.... Really? this is the second time he has did this... i mean Reallly!.... lol same side of the court.... pictures say 1000 words... this one mite say 2 million and i can barely find 5..... smh

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