Monday, January 16, 2012

No Luck In Bean Town

Problems in Celtic land may lead to a trade, I'm thinking Rando for Nash. Steve Nash @ 10ast a game with Rajon Rondo right behind him @ 10. (Rando played 1 more game then Nash which pushes him behind) There needs to be some kind of change for The Suns & Celtics; Nash could give the C's the same thing Rondo, but with better court vision & a way better shot & the same amount of speed. This would spark something in the Celtics with all of them on there way out and Nash wanting a ring.

On The other hand this would give the Suns some up side with Rondo minus his shooting, being a very good defensive minded guard & very passive. This gives Suns a new direction of defense & a good up and coming point guard. He'll Have nothing but runners around him unlike Boston these last 11 games & nothing but shooters around him  with somewhat soild big man. The Achilles heel of the suns for the last decade has been no DEFENSE. I thinks its time to shakes that bad vibe and make that trade, nobody loses in this trade.