Saturday, February 4, 2012

Eastern All-Starters

@ Center From The Orlando Magic Dwight Howard
@ Power Forward Carmelo Anthony From The NY Knick
@ Small Forward Lebron James From The Miami Heat
@ Shooting Guard Dwayne Wade From The Miami Heat
& @ Point Guard Derek Rose From The Chicago Bulls

Stay tuned for the Easr Back-Ups

Western All-Starters

@ Starting Center From the Los Angeles Lakers Andrew Bynum 1st timer

 @ Power Forward Blake Griffin From the Los Angeles Clippers

Small Froward From the Okc Thunder Kevin Durant
 @ Shooting Guard Kobe "Jellybean" Bryant From The Los Angeles Lakers
& @ Point Guard Chris Pual From The Los Angeles Clippers

Stay Tuned For The West Back-Ups

Knicks had the game till the end; i don't think scoring or pg play is there main problem, its more like DEFENSE... this is why Tyson Chandler was brought in. This doesn't mean that Amru'e & Melo have to play defense, cause allot of plays they take of... its not about out scoring the next man... Knicks need to learn how to close out games

Melo 8-17 for 26pts
Amar'e 7-15 16pts

On the other hand

Celtics have been luring teams to sleep and creeping up @ the end of the 4th

The Truth (Pierce) was the scoring leader (melo's man) with 30pts on 8-21 shots

Miss Foul Call & Still Win

A good game all the way thru, but this could had easy been a Nuggets game winner... This is when you should take the time to thank World Peace for being a defender... that 3 pointer could of easily went in if it was a better look

on a better note Bynum finally got the touches going 10-13 for 22pts... we need this every night

Kobe went 7-23 for 20pts... for the Kobe fans, now imagine if Kobe would of gave more shots to Bynum... that's call efficiency

final score 93Lakers 89Nuggets

Leading scorer was Al Harrington 24pts 8-16