Wednesday, January 18, 2012

1-17-2012 Power Rankings

  1. The Chicago Bull's @ # 1, even with the MVP D. Rose & Rip sitting out last game there a good team are a pretty good team. (13-3)
  2. Okc are still playing great & there record shows it @ 12-2... & it seem like no one is even talking about them
  3. The 76er are still playing good, Doug Collins has this team playing just that... "a team" (10-3)
  4. The Atl Hawks started the season pretty strong but are starting to slow down a little bit Josh smith is there front runner (10-4)
  5. Mia (Heat) has been just that... MIA until last night they stopped a 0-3 slide vs the Spurs looks like they can move up from here (9-4)
  6. Den Nuggets playing great team ball & defense with no so called "super star" there a hard team to play against when you don't know who the play is going to (9-5)
  7. Indiana Pacers have yet to showcase on the main stage yet but there record say enough (9-3)
  8. Blazers might of slowed down since there hot start but I think there still a team that can come out the west... Still learning to come together but they'll get it soon (8-5)
  9. Spurs with a old Duncan & not as fast Parker are playing well with out Manu, they just lost really bad vs the Heat last night (9-5)
  10. L.A. Lakers still trying to find out Mike Browns system but 3 in the league on defense so something good can come out of that (10-5)
  11. Magic are looking better even tho Dwight Howards numbers are down Ryan Anderson Stepped his game up to lift the load (10-3)
  12. Mavs are starting to look better then the start of the season with that 0-4 start but Dirk is still looking out of shape (8-6)
  13. Utah Jazz started off pretty bad but looks like coach Ty Corbin might have them slip in to the play offs @ this rate (9-4)
  14. The Clippz might of lost Paul for a few games and lost the last game but they still got a power house on the up & coming (7-4)
  15. Houston... we have a problem; that might be able to be fixed... not the greatest team but there is up side... would be nice to have Gasol right now(7-7)
  16. The Grizz @ .500% but looks like Rudy Gay might be playing better, now he's just gotta keep it up(6-6)
  17. Melo & the Knick still trying to find there way, needs better pg play & better Defense(6-7)
  18. Kevin love & Mr. Rubio is a nice show but gotta start winning more games(5-8)
  19. The Cav's are 6-7.... Irving might get rookie of the year if they don't count rubio as one
  20. Golden St still trying to find there way in the west, this team is focusing on the defensive end of the court(5-8)
  21. Suns.... might be time for a trade(4-9)
  22. Celtics.... just like the sun.... time for a trade (4-8)
  23. The bucks... or the young bucks... might not even make the playoffs this year(4-9)
  24. Raptors @ 4-10.... they just need more help
  25. Kings, they are who we thought they were (4-10)
  26. N.O. just look bad they still missing Scolla & Odem (3-10)
  27. Jersey Netz...  I feel bad for Dwill... (3-11)
  28. Pistons got so bad there selling bench tickets... id pay for um (3-11)
  29. Jordan never been on a team this bad... hopefully they a get it together Bobcats(3-12)
  30. Washington Generals I mean Wizards... Were's the magic?(1-12)
  31. Sonic's.... Bring them back! (0-0)

Are The Heat Better W/O Wade?

Some where some how some body started the convo that the Miami Heat are better with out DWade. I Guess the 94 Bulls were better with out Jordan too. I say that to say yea, the Heat are a good team & so were the 94 Bull's but that team didn't win a championship. If they were what we think they were then Bron Bron would of stayed in Cleveland & Bosh would of stayed in Toronto. Wade is the Caption of that ship, the only one on that team that won a ring, (out side of Haslem) has a finale's a MVP, Knows what it takes to take over a game & a series. The Heat are a good team with just Bron & Bosh... but a better team with Wade