Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Flip Saunders packs his bags

Flip Saunders, now the former coach of the Washington Wizards was let go of today... that's the second coach fired this short season already (1st was Paul Westfield of the Sac Kings) ... wonder if any more to come... Mike Brown?

Superman leaveing Metropolis for New York?

Trade talks of Dwight for Tyson Chandler & Amar'e Stoudmire. Just talks but if I'm a NY Gm its hard not to make that move.... but it doesn't hide the fact you still need a PG & more shooters to surround Dwight

Battle for L.A. part II 1-25-2012

Last time the Clippers smashed the Lakers (yes smashed) with the final score of LAC 102 LAL 94. Lakers have been on a three game losing streak Clippers come off a 3 wins in the last 5 games the Raptors being the latest & with no CP3 who might play tonight

Will the Lakers finally play as a team, find some offense & stop from going 0-4
Will the Clippers take the cake as the new boys of la?

Bron Bron Vs Cleveland

Been a whole year since Bron Bron has play the Cav's, They've even got a new look, & new rookie since then by the name of Kyrie Irving; in running for rookie of the year im sure former rookie of the year (Lebron) is gone to show him a thang or two on how it goes

Kyrie Irving #2 comes in 17.4pts 4.9ast 3.3reb

of course nothing close to Lebron... he's Avg nothing short of 27.5 points agaisnt the cav's ever since he's left... im going to go on a limb here & say Lebron drops 30 in a win