Friday, January 13, 2012

All Star Voting

3 weeks into the season & Dwight Howard is leading the charge in allstar votes; heres my allstar 2012 picks

West Starters
  1. Kevin Durant (F)
  2. Blake Griffen (F)
  3. Kobe Byrant (G)
  4. Chris Paul (G)
  5. Andrew Bynum (C)

West Back-Ups
  1. La Marcus Aldrige (F)
  2. Drik Nowitzk (F)
  3. Monte Ellis (G)
  4. Russel Westbrooke (G)
  5. DeAndre Jordan (C)

    East Starters
    1. Carmelo Anthony (F)
    2. LeBron James (F)
    3. Derrick Rose (G)
    4. Dwayne Wade (G)
    5. Dwight Howard (C)
    East Back-Ups
    1. Josh Smith (F)
    2. Amar'e Stoudemire (F)
    3. Rajon Rondo (G)
    4. Jonh Wall (G)
    5. JaVale MaGree (C)

Rough Baketball Night Last Nite

Knicks Vs Grizzles

Knicks had a rough night between Melo's injuries (left wrist & right foot) & Amaru's shooting & foul trouble. The Knicks are still missing something, I think its more plays & better point guard scoring & play!

On The other hand

Rudy Gay finally showed up to the NBA last night with 26 points, looking like he was worth his contract extension he's just going to have to keep it up every night, O.J. Mayo Backed him up with 18 points

Magic vs Golden St

Dwight 45 pts 11 reb.... 39 freethrows be nice if that would count as a triple double. Golden st look like it was gone to be a walk away win in the early half of the game, Then the magic happened in the second half. I think giving Dwight so many freethrows got him in rhythm to bite um in the a*# at the end of the game. Would of been netter coaching just to foul him less in  the 1st half, & more in the second