Friday, January 6, 2012

Lakers Wack? Or Blazers Good?

The answer to that is... there both right, Portland just showed a whole new team that can keep up with the Heat & Bulls tall enough to bang with the Lakers & Thunder. But on the other hand lakers showed that they are still missing something with Kobe taking "crazy" shoots out side the offense not getting back on defense & not getting the ball in the inside on the right time, makes me once again question his and the lakers I.Q.'s

Lakers start the season off 4-4 & in the west .500% isn't playoff  worthy but maybe a 8th seed

Blazers did good picking up Raymon Felton, total opposite of Andre Miller. Some one with a chip on his shoulder who knows how to speed the pace of the game up and can hit big shoots, lets not forget he was on the Knicks team when it was him & Amari they started the season off pretty good. Then trade to Denver in the Melo trade & they became a good all around team and made to the playoffs. I thought losing Brandon Roy would be there down fall but so far it looks like I'm going to be wrong

Blazers start the season 5-1 & in the west that's 1st or 2sd place Worthy & Portland is hard to beat @ home

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